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My Name is Nhean Nepomuceno , better known as “Anne Nepo”. I am born and raised in the Philippines. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management in 2009 in the  Philippines. I’ve worked with different well known companies in the beauty & wellness industry with more than 10 years of customer service & marketing experience.This experience proved invaluable when I was putting up my own company.

Growing up in a very cultured town of Bulan, I’ve learned a very interesting way of life. I learned the values of respect, love, compassion, and hard work. Coming from a very poor family, it taught me how to survive and adapt in different circumstances. At the very young age of 15, I stood up as the bread winner of our family, learning how to find a living by cleaning houses to provide food for my family. I was able to balanced a part time job while completing my education and maintaining good grades. I also anticipated in pageants aiming to win for cash prizes  for school and  family.

Growing up in a small town made me wonder what would it be like to be in a big city or in another country. I remember doing my homework in our front yard surrounded by trees, and rice fields thinking about my future . I would look up to the sky and imagine riding in an airplane, traveling and seeing the different places and experiencing different lifestyles around the world. Since then, I knew something big was waiting for me. I knew that it is something I would achieve.  I would be in a place where I would feel contentment, fulfillment, and  find my purpose in life.

That dream started to come true when I moved to California in 2011. But nothing comes easy. I was indecisive of my career path.Life was a challenge for me that time. A new culture, language and  environment. I was hoping I would immediately find a job that matched my education. While I was meditating in our backyard,one career became abundantly clear “Massage Therapy”,then I realized that it was a higher calling form the Universe. It was very clear in my heart I was connected to that idea. With a little knowledge about "massage therapy" I immediately did research and found an accredited college to complete my education . After a few weeks of going to school, I found myself learning the art of Massage Therapy. It was meant to happen! Today, I am grateful that I made this decision,the best decision in my life. 

In 2012 I graduated with my Massage Therapy Certificate. I began to practice in different programs, such as clinical spa, chiropractic, and salon environment. In 2013, I decided to to become an independent practitioner. I rented  a room inside a beautiful salon in Modesto. Several doors of opportunities opened for me with my passion and dedication.I moved to larger location and started operating a full service Skin Care & Wellness Spa after 2 years. My journey was just starting.There were ups and downs that tested my dedication in my chosen profession. I began to fully immerse myself  every single detail of the business. Everyday is a learning process. I continue to grow my business,then decided to go to a Aesthetic school. A very challenging journey balancing work and school but it was all worth it. I became a licensed California Skin Care Specialist in 2015, which adds up significantly to my value as a professional. Today, I am offering a full service spa in Skin Care & Massage Therapy, as well as other related services such as; Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, Eyelash Extensions, Sugaring Wax Hair Removal and Spray Tanning. I am excited to continue to grow and to expand my knowledge and skills to my clients. 

Everyday is a humbling experience at work. I enjoy coming to the spa and it never feels like work every time I’m in my quiet world, my treatment room. For me, serving people in all different walks of life is the best thing I can offer in this world. It gives me happiness and fulfillment knowing that at the end of the day, I made a difference to someone’s life. To serve is to love.

On my free time, I love to walk with my dog and read books. I make sure that I take care of myself too. I love to meditate and do yoga, I enjoy traveling and I always spend my everyday life in a meaningful and mindful ways. 

To serve is my purpose in life. Ever since I found it, I began to appreciate everything in my life, small and big blessings. 

I look forward in meeting you at my spa and share with you my gifts and talents that is profoundly beneficial to your health and well being.

In wellness & health,

Anne Nepo



"Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself"

- Hermann Hesse